Dan Pitt has been a leading voice of the SDNFV movement since its inception. He served as Executive Director of ONF from its public launch in March 2011 until September 2016 and since January 2017 has been Senior Vice President of MEF. He also advises private and public companies to commercialize new ideas and stay abreast of new capabilities. Prior to ONF he ran and advised startup companies in Silicon Valley, Australia, and Canada and served as Dean of Engineering at Santa Clara University. He held executive management roles at Nortel Networks and Bay Networks, developed and managed networking technology and HP and IBM, and taught computer science and electrical engineering at Duke and UNC. He holds a B.S. in mathematics from Duke and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the University of Illinois.

Title: MEF 3.0 and 5G: It can be orchestrated!
Abstract: MEF 3.0 provides a comprehensive framework for orchestrating services across a global system of automated networks in a transport-independent way. As 5G deployments appear, the initial ones slot right into the LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Reference Architecture, under the LSO Presto API. As more sophisticated 5G services reach the market, modest extensions to LSO constructs can accelerate and smooth the deployment of these services. In this talk we describe how MEF 3.0 and LSO not only accommodate 5G but enable important aspects of its automation, virtualization, management, and orchestration.