IPv6 : Powering the next generation Internet

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), make its ‘test’ debut last 8 June 2011. It was hailed as the one of the most significant changes to the Internet’s addressing system since its inception, IPv6 is intended to supplement and eventually replace the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use to transact on the Internet today.

IPv6 + 5G Global Summit is Here!

All roads are pointing at SMX Aura as it unveils the upcoming IT event this September. We are inviting all IT professional and students to attend this once-in-a lifetime global event featuring the next generation internet.

IoT Summit Philippine Exhibition

In co-location event with IPv6 + 5G Global Summit, IoT Philippines provides the latest on IoT-5G exhibits that will be a great venue for all IT companies to showcase their products and services.


What our Community Do

Configuration & Installation

Learn from the community on the current best practices in IPv6 migration from IPv4.

Enterprise Collaboration

Connect to the enterprise spectrum and learn from their use case and case studies..

Backup Plans

Learn step-by-step configuration and back-up solutions in implementing the IPv6 migration.

Network Design

Be a community expert in leading members into designing the infrastructure to make IPv6 compliancy a success .

Cloud Services

If you are a cloud provider, you can share your current IPv6 implementation to guide the community for cloud solutions.

Cyber Security

Learn the security best practices from different use cases being prepared and shared by the community.


Our Experts are Talking

“We’ve had a lot of internal activism going out to the various software development departments saying:  If you’re building code that doesn’t support v6, you’re hurting the company.” Owen DeLong

Senior Architect, Akamai Technologies

“When you look at how many devices we would like to provision, continuing to try and buy IP[v4] addresses and propagate that model and the amount of money that it would require, it’s actually cheaper to deploy v6.” Dan Alexander

Network Engineer, , Comcast

When we went out and built our under-LAN infrastructure, v6 allocations made it a lot easier for different locations and sites and we were able to properly plan long term. Andrew Dul

Network Architect, EGATE Networks

IPv6 deployment doesn’t just happen. You need to put someone in charge of it. You need to have somebody own that process Rob Seastrom

Principal Engineer, Time Warner Cable

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